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Husband and wife relationship

How To Seduce Your Husband Or Boyfriend

It is not always easy in a long-term relationship to maintain the tension and rekindle the romantic fire. When you have a busy life together, where your focus is also on work, children, household and other responsibilities, the romance sometimes falls.

However, continuing to seduce your man is one of the best ways to keep your relationship exciting and improve your sex life, so it's good that you've stumbled upon this article.

Every man is different of course, but in this article we are going to give you tips and assignments that will make seducing the majority of the male population child's play. Unlike women, men are not that complex when it comes to being seduced, so success will be assured after reading this article.

We have to warn you in advance, because if you are not quite sure whether this is really the man you want to let your seduction skills on, then you have to click away quickly.

After reading this article, there is no going back and as a reborn temptress you will probably never get rid of him again. Good, you're a persistent person and you've decided you'd like to keep it, so now we can really get to work. From now on, we will focus on 3 simple essentials that ensure success:

1. The visual picture

Where women are often more emotionally oriented, it is generally known that men are much more visual in life. A man therefore always looks automatically when he sees an attractive woman on the street or on TV. This isn't disrespectful to you, but he just can't help it because that's how his brain is programmed.

So all you have to do is make sure that he mainly focuses his attention and gaze on you and you do this by dressing yourself sexy.

And we don't just mean when you go out together, but especially when you're at home together. Most of the time you spend with your man is probably in your house, so this is also the place where you want to look sexy.

2. The element of surprise

One of the things that works best in seduction is the element of surprise. Deploying a temptation attack when he's not counting on it at all works wonderfully well. Our next assignment beautifully combines the visual image with this element of surprise.

When you sit together on the couch in the evening and you don't really watch anything special on television, you get up from the couch and tell him with a wink that you are going to put on something exciting. You then walk to your bedroom, go to your wardrobe and take your oldest and least sexy clothes out of the closet. An old and worn jogging suit or those childish comfy bear pajamas he hates so much are perfect outfits for this assignment.

Now also grab your most erotic lingerie from the closet. In any case, you have to be sure that he finds it very sexy and it should be possible to wear it comfortably under your chosen jogging suit, pajamas or other outfit, without it being visible.

3. Physical contact

Another very effective method of seducing your man is to touch him regularly. Men are generally a little less sensitive emotionally, but when it comes to physical touch by their wives, they are probably a lot more sensitive than women. For the next 2 weeks, make sure you touch or kiss him at least 3 times a day in an affectionate way. There is nothing more tempting for a man than to be caressed by his woman in a sensual soft way. 

You probably already know his sensitive spots, but in fact the average man often makes very little difference if you just touch him. Men need love just as much as women and a subtle touch reassures him that he is the most important thing in your world. Especially when you have children it is important not to forget him, because then he has to share your attention and your affection does wonders for his ego.

Also, don't forget to kiss him passionately on a regular basis. A nice tradition would be to do this every day when he comes home, that way he immediately feels welcome in his own home. But also a lovely hug where you lay your head against him when you sit on the couch in the evening will make him nice and warm and happy inside.

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