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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Things Women Wants From The Guys They Love

In our world today, every guy wants some kind of specks he wishes to see in his partner. Women are actually cunning creatures who want to be treated specially. The kind of treatment you give to a woman would definitely decide if she is going to stay or not. Wow, most guys lack the neccessary ingredients to spice up their date with women and therefore blow their chances of attracting and making them their own. I've been a victim of that severally and I don't you also to fall a victim.

It is on a good note to know that, deep down women are naturally programmed to be attracted to certain things. It is your job to know what they are attracted to and use that as a bait to have her. Here are some special traits on how women should be treated. 

1. They want to be respect 

Women wants to be with a man who respects her to the bearest minimum. They wish to receive the perfect treatment from their guys. I've come into contact with women who express their displeasure in how their supposed guy is treating them. They keep complaining that they don't receive the kind of attention and respect they deserve in their current relationship. That only should give you a gist of how a woman want to be treated. If you treat her right, she becomes your forever. 

2. They Want To Be Cared For Emotionally 

Being cared emotionally is one of the best thing a woman can have in a relationship. Well, I've had a personal experience with a woman whom I cared for her emotionally. She shared all her problems and we found a perfect solution to that as lovebirds. I saw the journey in her eyes when I came into her picture during the storms. 

3. They Want To Be Protected 

Being able to protect a woman doesn't mean you should have a six packs to do that. Your conversational skills and ability also vividly show if you would be able to protect her. The fear of being harmed or hurt has been their major priority and you should be the one to offer her comfort. This can help strengthen the love of both partners since everybody becomes each others keeper. 

Please follow me for more update on how to attract your crush and make her fall for you in a short time. 

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