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I lost a girlfriend because I'm ewe; Ewes cry out on the discrimination they're facing in the country

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt really bad for coming from a particular tribe? If you have,I'm sure you'll share same feelings about how Ayigbe Edem or any other Ewes feel when they happen to meet such bad days. The popular saying"it's just a bad day,not a bad life" But what happens when just one bad day changes someone's life to the bitter? They leave to regret their routes. Some go to the extent of changing their identity of that tribe ,their names and even avoid having knowledge of the language. They do all this to try to fit into the society that does not even respect and appreciate them . 

For how long will we as a nation and one people come to the realization of the harm we're causing to others because of their tribe. The souls we're killing silently,the good people we're turning into slaves if their own selves? It is with such heartbreak I raise my voice because I feel we're leaving others behind in the ditch and we claim to be civilized humans. It will surprise you to know that these people didn't choose their routes just as we also didn't. So it's no fault of theirs. 

Some people treat Ewes so bad that sometimes I ask myself what has happened to our culture and our values. I have seen one of such treatments where in my class at junior high school, we used to throw mockery at Ewes because of their surnames. Fortunately,I have grown to realise it's all childish of us to have done that. Simply because we thought it was fun. Not knowing the harm we were causing them. Teasing is no fun. It goes beyond to the point that it killed their confidence and His knows what more harm it did to them.

Sharing his grief on the Twitter bird app, Twitter account name,"Ego over you" posted on his page,he wrote,"I lost a girlfriend cos I'm an ewe".

From the comments which followed proves he's not the only Ewe suffering from this discrimination. Kindly take a look at the discrimination our brothers and sisters from the Volta land has to go through.

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