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One Text Message Mistake That Pushes Guys Away

Many relations began through text messages one way or the other. We are in a technological world where one major way partners communicate more is through text messages. 

So text messaging is making most relationships move forward positively because it helps partners who may feel shy to express themselves one on one do so easily.

In all these there are certain text messaging mistakes that pushes men away and this has been destroying a lot of beautiful relationships. And these mistakes are being done by a higher percentage of women on a daily basis unknowingly. And not to waste time I am spilling down the one major mistake in text messaging done by these women. 

When a woman wants to capture the attention of her man for him to fall fully for her and imprint herself on him subconsciously, then she needs to do things that will make him wonder what at all will let him leave her for another woman.

So the major message mistake that women do that pushes their guys away is texting a guy a message like this: Hey Eric, where were you and who were you with that you couldn't receive all my five calls and three messages last night?

The moment you send a message like this to your guy, it implies two things. The first implication is that you do not trust him because you asked for his location and in case he was with another woman hence his inability to receive your calls and reply to your text messages. And the second implies you do not respect him due to the manner at which you questioned him in your text message.

One thing every woman should know is men are by nature created to chase women and women should use this fact to their advantage by not doing it the other way round. When you call a guy continuously within a few minutes or do the same with text messages it makes him think otherwise. And the worst is when he sees that you doubt him, it will push him away and faraway.

Because most guys know that they are not responsible for other people's happiness and they are not responsible for yours too. So if you try to let it sound like all your happiness depends on his replies to your text messages and calls then he will vamoose to your surprise and will never come back again.

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