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Road Accident

Sad: This Two Lovers Died On The Same Day, Read What Happened To Them That Got Reactions

Death is inevitable. Everyone on earth will die some day. Death is like a call. No one misses it, except by God's intervention that you will not die. That is the only time you will miss that call. Everyone's prayer is to die old. Nobody wants to die young, but when death calls, you can't miss call death if it's your appointed time. 

A boy and a girl that are in university reportedly died by accident. According to reports, the bike man who carried them had tramadol earlier and was over speeding that he did not realize. He was trying to overtake a trailer. Maybe in his eyes, the trailer was too small for him and he thought he was just over taking another bike, not knowing that he was overtaking a trailer.

Eventually, he was knocked down by the trailer and the young man died instantly. The lady survived but later died as The bike man who took tramadol did not die. He survived. My advice is that before you enter a car or a bike, carefully at the driver before you board one. I pray this young man and this lady will find eternal rest. May their souls rest in peace. 

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