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How A Man Was Caught Dressing Like A Woman Just To Write A Nursing Exam For His Fiancee

It's great to see how our young people act today just to please a woman or a friend.

Should we call it love or lust when a man goes to extremes for the woman he claims to love.

A man is caught trying to write an exam for another nurse to train his fiancé. We all know that these exams are mostly written by women and mostly supervised by female employees, and in some cases very few employees do it.

The boy's identity was not revealed, he was disguised as a woman to take the exam when his fiancé told him he was afraid he might not pass the exam because he wasn't ready for it.

He thought hard about what he could do to make sure he passed the exam, but all he thought about was in vain. Then an idea popped into his mind to write an exam and introduce himself to her.

He was able to enter the exam room and was already starting to write the exam when he was caught by the staff watching him closely and asking for his authority, and when he tried to answer the staff, his voice told the staff that he wasn't. Don't be one lady.

During interrogation, the young man admitted to the authorities that he was trying to prepare a test for his fiancé, who was admitted to the institution. He was handed over to the police after he admitted he would be pardoned so he could deal with it and put others off.

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