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Man Breaks Down House He Built For His Girlfriend After Breakup- Twitter Community Reacts.

The issues of broken heart has become normal to some people now a days, also there are few people who cannot control themselves during their breakups with their loved ones.

While others cry and refuse to eat all day, some people also take back whatever they have invested into the relationship.

Today, Twitter reacts to a man’s story of broken heart, according to the story, the man built a house for his girlfriend and after doing all that, the lady decided to break up with him. And the man went to the house with an excavator to break it down.

Some of the comments people gave included, why should a man build a house for a woman he is not married to?

Others also assumed that, the man has plenty money and he does not want any drama in his ears.

Here are also some tweets from some other users;

What do you think of this man’s reactions after breaking up with his girlfriend and is he right for breaking down the house also?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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