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6 Real Signs That Your Girl Is Cheating On You

All of us always want to be confident in the people that we are with. We always want to trust them to a point that we know that they would never betray us and cheat on us. Yet in many relationships today, cheating has become the order of the day.

Although both genders cheat but it seems ladies are prone to cheating as they face more temptations.

What are the signs that your girl is cheating on you?

1. She hides her phone a lot from you because she knows that you’re going to be able to find some evidence in there:

A cheating girlfriend tries so hard to always hide her phone from you. Giving you access to her phone may give you a clue about her cheating attitude so she won't.

2. She finds ways to constantly criticize you: She is always highlighting your flaws. She’s always trying to make you feel bad about who you are. But the truth is that she’s just trying to justify her unfaithfulness by reassuring herself of the many bad things about you.

3. She doesn’t really answer your questions: She doesn’t feel the need to really explain herself to you. She is dodging your questions because she just doesn’t want to get caught in her own li. She feels like she ain't oblige to you to answer you.

4. She’s becoming more and more detached and uninvested in the relationship.

She seems completely apathetic to you and the relationship. She isn’t putting as much effort into your love as she used to do. This is because she is getting more attention from somewhere and takes you for granted.

5. She has a new mysterious man in her life:

She mentions him casually but she doesn’t really like to go into too much detail about him. If you carefully listen to her, she sometimes slip and include him in your conversations.

6. She goes out of her way to avoid spending time with your friends and family:

It’s because she’s really guilty about what she’s doing to you. And she doesn’t want the people in your life to see that guilt on her face

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