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A Woman Gave Birth To Triplets 7 Years After Marriage

Procreation is good because, after marriage the next thing is giving birth, when couples are not able to give birth after their marriage, it leads to many misunderstand between them. Sometimes it takes time before the women could conceive.

Sometimes it could be as a result of some medical conditions or congenital problems, so both couples have to take time and investigate. Couples can also see surprises after their marriage, some can have twins others can have triplets and even quadruplets.

A picture of a woman known as Regina Michael a hairstylist who has given birth to Triplets, two boys and one girl is circulating on social. She wrote this" after 7 years without a child in my husband's house, God has blessed us with babies(2 boys and 1 girl)". Many social media user especially on facebook have congratulated her some were so excited, never give up when ever there is delay in conception after, God we surprise you one day with twins or triplets

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Regina Michael


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