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Your man may break your heart if he does these 5 things in your relationship.

As a woman, it is very important you understand that emotions and feelings can fade away. That is why you have to be extremely careful when you're in a relationship with a man because things can also not go as you planned it, as your man can definitely change his mind and seems to be no longer interested in the relationship.

Here are 5 signs your man may break your heart if he continues doing them in the relationship.

1. He lies too much.

A relationship where there are no trusts. Then there is already a possibility that it won't last because lying breaks a relationship and the bond you both shared, so when your man is constant lying in a relationship. Then it is possible that your relationship is about to hit the rock.

2. Your man is tired of your behavior.

This is also very important, bad behavior is another great thing that destroys a relationship. Especially when your man is fed up with this character. So if your man starts complaining regularly about your behavior or your attitude, then it means he is no longer comfortable with it, and this can also lead the relationship into hitting the rock.

3. You always quarrel and fight.

We all know there is no perfect relationship, but any relationship where both partners can't stay a day without fighting or quarrelling calls for concern. Especially when they are not in a stable mood, you can be having fun with your partner, and then after a few minutes you're both having issues. In such a relationship, you can't predict what they can do in the next seven minutes.

4. He always hides things away from you.

This is also important if your partner starts hiding things away from you such as his identity, his feelings or even his worries. Then something might be troubling which he is not willing to tell you. Then they might be something wrong somewhere, a man who loves and cherish you will always be able to open up to you. Except he is no longer interested in you.

5. He doesn't plan his future with you.

This is another thing that calls for concern, a man who loves you will always plan ahead with you. So no matter how much your man loves you, if he doesn't plan his life with you. Then he doesn't see you in his future. A man who is looking forward to taking the relationship to another level will always plan his life with you.

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