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8 Expert Strategies On How To Prove Your Love To Your Girlfriend Over Text

You love your girlfriend and want to make her feel special, but can you really prove your love her through text? Absolutely and we're here to help! I have gathered up some of our favorite texts for when you want to let your girlfriend know how much you really do love her.

"I love you." Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. Sure, there are lots of ways you can show your girlfriend how much she means to you, and it's fun to mix it up sometimes! But don't underestimate how powerful those three little words can be. Chances are, she wants to hear you say, "I love you." If you speak another language, it can be really romantic to say, "I love you,"

Compliment her. Share something unique that you like about her. The best compliments are heartfelt and personal, so think about what makes your girlfriend really special. Of course, she's probably pretty, but think beyond that what are some qualities that really make her stand out? Try saying something like: "I love how you're always up for an adventure." "You have the best style!" "You're always listening to the coolest music." "It's impossible to be in a bad mood around you!"

Remember little details that she mentions.

Paying attention will show her you care. It can sometimes be tempting to skim through your girlfriend's texts, especially if you're talking a lot. Try to slow down and really read through everything she's saying so you don't miss anything. Then, take note of small things she mentions so you can bring them back up later. If she says she has a math test on Tuesday, text her Tuesday afternoon and ask how it went. If she mentions that she loves Thai food, you might surprise her by taking her to a Thai restaurant for your next date. Consider using your phone's notes app to jot down things she likes so you'll know what to get her for her birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary.

Send good morning and good night texts.

Start and end your day with her. Once you're up and moving around in the morning, grab your phone and send her a text that says something like, "Morning babe!" or "Any big plans today?" You'll get her day off to a great start, and she'll feel important knowing you wanted to talk to her first thing. Similarly, you might sign off each night with a text like, "Dream about me! Love you" or "Sleep well, beautiful."

Ask her for advice.

This will show her that you really value her opinion. You don't necessarily have to ask her to weigh in on anything life-changing, unless you actually have a big decision coming up. Even something as minor as what you should wear or what show to stream next can let her know that you respect her taste and want to hear her input. Ask things like: "Hey I need a new band to listen to, any suggestions?" "What should I say when I meet your mom?" "Do you think my red Chucks would look good with this shirt?" "I think my boss has me confused with my coworker. Can I get your opinion on what I should do?"

Tell her you can't stop thinking about her.

Let her know she's living rent-free in your mind. She's got you distracted you can't concentrate on your homework or that email to your boss because all you can think about is spending time with her. Well, let her know about it! Say something like, "I can't get anything done because I just want to text you all day." Or, you might say, "I miss you so much that it's starting to turn into a problem. Date tomorrow night?"

Say something supportive if times are tough.

She'll feel loved if she can always count on you. If your girlfriend has a bad day or is stressed about something coming up, do your best to uplift her. Don't worry about trying to fix the problem just let her know you're there to listen and that you believe in her. If you can prove to her that you're there even in the hard times, she's going to know you really do love her. Try saying: "I'm so sorry you're feeling overwhelmed juggling school and work. Want me to send over some take-out so you don't have to cook tonight?" "Don't worry about that interview you've got this!" "I hate seeing you sad. Is there anything I can do to help you feel better?"

Talk about future plans with her.

Let her know you see her as long-term. Casually drop a text that mentions something you'd like to do with her someday. It might not seem like a big deal, but mentioning that you see her in your future can actually be a big sign to her that you're taking the relationship seriously. Say something like: "I was thinking we should take a road trip next year. Is there anywhere you've always wanted to see?" "After graduation, we should get an apartment together!" "When we live somewhere with a lot of land, we should get baby goats." Sharing the same long-term goals is a great sign that you're with the right person.

Mention your favorite memory of her.

Add in details to make the moment really special. Do you remember how your girlfriend looked when you first saw her? Or the moment when you knew she was the one for you? Text her with a memory you really love, and she's sure to feel like she has a place in your heart. You might say, "Do you remember that time we went to the museum? I have a confession you looked so pretty in that blue dress that I couldn't pay attention to the art at all." Or, you could say, "I was just thinking about the day we met. You had this smile that lit up the room and I knew I had to find out more about you. I'm so glad I did."

Text her something that reminds you of her.

It could be a song, a picture, or even a meme. If you see something that makes you think about that girl of yours, let her know! Maybe it's something romantic, but it could also just be something cute or even silly. The main thing is letting her know that she's on your mind it's sure to make her smile. If you hear a song with lyrics that make you think of her, send her a link. If you see a gif that you think would crack her up, add it to a text with a note that says, "Thought of you!" Going through your gallery and you found a pic of her that's super pretty? You got it forward it to her with a text that says something like, "OMG you're gorgeous!"

Tell her the impact she has on you.

Mention what you're grateful for. You love your girlfriend, so you probably feel like your life is better with her in it, right? Try texting her to let her know what you appreciate about her whether it's something she does to make your life easier or even just the way she makes you feel. For instance, you could say: "Thank you so much for making me breakfast this morning! You always get my day off to a good start." "You're such a hard worker. I really appreciate that about you."

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