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5 Reasons Why Its Dangerous To Sleep With A 'Boka' Or Prostitute.

As a young vibrant person, you are faced with a lot of decisions to make in life. Your decisions today has a long way to determine your direction in the future. Many people have lost it badly as a result of sleeping with the wrong person. The person you go to bed with has the potential of determining how easy or difficult your life may be.

The following are the dangers of going to bed with a 'Boka' or a person who is a sex worker.

To begin with, sleeping with a prostitute creates multiple soul ties. Soul ties makes it possible for wicked spirit from the person you sleep with to torment your life. Note that all the spirits in her life from her previous partners will also have access to destroy you because of sleeping with her.

Also, sleeping with a prostitute may bring disorder in your life and business. Many people are experiencing instability in business because of this reason.

Moreover, it can destroy homes and also lead to broken marriages when one of the spouse discover that a partner is sleeping with a prostitute.

Diseases are easily transferred when one likes enjoying prostitutes.

Many people who engage in prostitution usually engage in cults and may use their victims for rituals. This may result in death.

May God save us all and help us in Jesus name.

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