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Guys, is she keeping you waiting? Here are 8 signs she is Checking you before giving you her heart

I understand that this may seem to some men to be false, but most girls test men before agreeing to have sex with them, whether they know it or not.

They do this to make sure that they do not make a mistake by jumping on a date with a stranger.

They’ve probably had a catastrophic and toxic relationship completely in the past, and they need to make sure they don’t find themselves in that situation again.


Others scrutinize men to see how much tolerance they have and make sure that they are not just all random boys who want the taste of their cookies or exploit them sexually and emotionally. They realize that a large percentage of the boys who are there only attract girls to be placed and leave after they have finished with him.

However, as a boy, you should pay close attention to time because it can make a big difference between when a woman is testing you and as long as she doesn't care what you have to offer. With that said, here are some signs that the lady you're chasing is dating you.

Here are 6 ways that some girls try out a guy before dating him.

1. Concentrate on your interpersonal relationships:

The girl who is testing you will look at your interactions with strangers. It will tell him a lot more about you than the things you say to him. You should know that your interactions with others are being tested. To win his heart, you must be kind to people and be helpful to others.

2. If she says it's okay to date other girls:

This is one of the signs that you're dating. It is possible for both of you to be in an open relationship right now, and to be told that you are in love with other girls. You are only testing yourself. It is a test to see how you will react. If you don't know you're dating, and you believe it's okay to go out and see other girls. You will know that the relationship will not last, and you are not a reliable partner. If you let her know you are good enough, and the only daughter she has is you, she will probably think you are too. He will surely win his heart.

3. If she asks for your help:

The girl will ask for your help because she wants to find out how much you care for her, and she wants to know if you can make her feel safe. So, it is better not to go down because you are already crossing.

4. Inquiring about your future and objectives:

You want to know where you are going because no girl would want to have a boyfriend who doesn't set goals or prepare for the future. The girl will want to know if she could pass that future.

5. When she asks you about your past relationships

She will want to know what went wrong in your last relationship and how long it lasted. If your past relationship lasts for 2 weeks, you will be disappointed.

6. She is easily irritated at you

A girl is frequently irritated with you, sometimes for no apparent reason. Just be sure to check how you will respond and how much you love her.

7. She accepts your invitation but fails to attend.

This can be tricky, though, because it's often used by girls who don't care about you. However, the lady who tries to seduce you can call you sincerely to apologize and explain why she failed to come to your invitation because of her false circumstances.

8. She pretends to be sick.

Most women will pretend to feel uncomfortable to measure their level of concern and empathy for others.


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