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Five(5) Things your Woman wants in the morning, but she will not tell you

Have you ever wondered what your woman loves most especially in the morning? Most of them will be very quite and never tell you what they want. Thy want the man to figure it out him himself. Below are some five key things your woman would love you to do for her in the morning.

#1. Wake her up.

Most women across the globe have inner alarm within themselves. They seem to know the time to get up from bed each and every time. However, they will be more happier if their husbands wakes them up. It shows a sign of love. Women will never tell their husbands this.

#2. Tell her 'I love you' most often

Some men are not really romantic to their wives. Women needs more assurance each and everyday. Telling her 'I love you' each and every morning and day is a sign of love. Women will never tell you this but they are really expecting you to act on it.

#3. Kissing and Hugging.

Most women feel to be warmed up each day and time. Kissing her and hugging her is really a sign of love. However, not all women love to be kissed and hugged, but majority do. They will not tell you do it, but they are really expecting you to do it.

#4. Greeting

It is very appropriate for a man to greet the wife each and every morning. Saying good morning to your wife shows more love. Most women feel sad when their husband never greets them. They will never tell you of this problem.

#5. Light breakfast

Women are generally responsible for cooking in the house. However, if the opposite happens, women feel appreciated and pleased. They seem comfortable and all their worry and tiredness vanish away.

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