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You Love Her But You Don't Have Money? Here is what to do.

These are things you will do with your girlfriend if you don't have the money to go out and date.

Let me help you out here. You don't need money to 'take a girl out.' Find a common interest and ask her to join you. Here are some examples below.

1. If she likes books, meet her at the library,

2. If you work or live near each other, meet for a walk where you all can just talk to one another.

3. If you go to school with her, offer to meet her for coffee before class at the local coffee stand (not Starbucks, my friend).

4. If you and she both enjoy sports, challenge her to a game of tennis, rackracketball whatever.

5. If she struggles with math and you are good at math, offer to help her.

6. Join him in loud music dancing.

Take a long walk with your partner while exploring your surroundings. Walk around your house and see the cool places in your area. When you are done and there is still time, you can walk around the park near your house.

7. Prepare a meal with your girlfriend.Try eating and try to make a variety of dishes with the utensils available in your kitchen.

8. Sort by mail as a group.

Climb up a nearby hill and watch the sunset together.This is a way to stay away from too much noise and discuss your future as you go through time.

9. Watch movies on the couch or in bed while snooping. You can do this for two hours, and it's fun.

10. Make a snowman or fight a snowball when it's snowing.

Play video games with him and force him to win. It's fun and funny.

11. Participate in pillow fights with hi M.Remember to be careful about where you hit him.

12. Clean the house with her. Women love cleanliness, so clean the house with her.

13. Going to the gym together. If your girlfriend has no problem sweating your presence, you can both hit the gym.

14. Read a book for her.

15. Plan a night of board games with your girlfriend.Remember how you enjoyed playing board games when you were young? You can create memories with your girlfriend by just playing this game with her.

16. Put on some face cream.

Make a hair donation in her name.Be loving and pass the time by wearing her hair. It can be a disaster or the best style.

18.Sing to her or play a musical instrument for him. 

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