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Husband and wife relationship

Photo Of The Day: People React as Pictures Of Old Married Couple Trend Online (Photos)

Being in love is a wonderful feeling as we understand that love conquers all. Love is always sweet from the beginning, but it faces stiff challenges as time goes on. Couples go through difficult times in a relationship because of the lack of understanding about how to endure and tolerate each other. Couples really need to understand that it takes two to tangle, and selfish should be completely set aside if a relationship is going to last forever.

Many couples are breaking up every day due to the lack of respect for each other. To be a good husband, a man must be very responsible and should be ready to take care of the family. A woman must also try to be a good home keeper by taking care of the house and the children and must respect her husband no matter how small he is. Although, there are different sides to a coin sometimes as we have seen old couples staying together till death do them apart, this is mostly common in people from the old days.

Facebook user Abuchi Uzoigwe shared pictures of an old couple online to show that true love actually still exists. Since he uploaded the pictures, it has been trending online because people find it difficult to believe that such true love still exists considering their age. The old couple have spent at least three decades together with true love, tolerance and dedication.

Here is how people reacted to the pictures:

People are really impressed with how long they have stayed together, the way they share their love on social media and the way they play around each other. At their age, they both still look beautiful as if they were in their 20s. The old couple seemed to have all the attributes to survive together for a very long time, they seemed to have overcome all the obstacles and the challenges in marriage to get to this level in their lives.

What have you learned from this old couple? Your opinion is well-appreciated.

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Abuchi Uzoigwe


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