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Outstanding Pre-wedding Photoshoots To Fill Your Day With Smiles

There is a certain critical point in every relationship. At that point, the relationship gets sealed with a marriage. Maybe, it is up to the man to get the relationship to that point by bending the knee and asking the most important question in the relationship. Maybe not, it is up to the woman to take the relationship to that point by accepting the proposal of the man.

In this article, I'm going to talk about some pre-wedding pictures which were taken by some happy couples weeks to their wedding ceremony. These pictures are quite different from the normal pre-wedding pictures we have been seeing on the timeline. The distinct nature of these pictures are due to how funny they are. Let's go through them below

1. This couple had been together since 2009 and nothing would stop them from tying the knot. Behind the jerseys, you see the man with the number 20 shirt with together as his name and the woman with the number 9 and "since" as the name. The picture is normal until you see the man pressing his wife-to-be like a bread.

2. Somebody tell the family of this beautiful woman that she has been arrested by a certain man. Maybe she's going to serve a life imprisonment and therefore she is no more coming home. She's going to stay with a new man

3. This couple are obviously Arsenal fans and they decided to hit the pitch during their pre-wedding photoshoot. Well, the lady has given her husband a hard tackle. The referee couldn't resist but show her the red card.

4. Spiderman finally got attached to the love of his life. How interesting it is getting married to a superhero.

5. This Ghanaian couple decided to take their pre-wedding photoshoot to a whole different level. This is the funniest pre-wedding photoshoot I have ever seen. They took it all the way to the lotto kiosk.

These pictures are just outstanding. I think for me, the second and third picture had the sauce. They were just amazing. You can kindly let me know which picture got you in the comment section.

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