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What To Do If A Woman Says No To You

Some things in life are not made for us. Rejection is the worst and will make you feel like shit. But remember that the world does not revolve around a single person, so do not let yourself sink. It makes sense for you to feel disappointed, angry, or sad, as long as it doesn't last long. If you've tried everything to show that you love her, but she chooses not to reciprocate, it means it's time to stop chasing her. It will not be easy. Deciding to let her go is a daily commitment to do whatever it takes to forget your feelings for her. Face it like an adult. If you still don't know how, this might help you:

1. Respect their decision

A is not a no. If she doesn't want to be more than a friend, respect her decision. Do not insist on someone who does not like you, because if you do, you will only end up hurting yourself. There is also a great chance that you will annoy her and end up ruining your friendship.

2. Acknowledge how you feel

It is normal that you are not well, but admitting that you are sad and hurt will not make you less of a man. Acknowledging how you feel after being rejected is the first step in the healing process.

3. Don't blame yourself

It's not your fault. It is nobody's fault. Just because you have been rejected does not mean that you have failed. The attempt to change the friendship relationship for a couple failed, not you. Learn to accept that not everything in life will go according to plan.

4. Talk to your close friends

You don't have to go through this alone. Opening your feelings in front of another person can be difficult, but it will make you feel better. Talk to your close friends. They will help you get through it.

5. Turn the page

Keep your mind busy and do activities that you enjoy. Take some time to focus on yourself and explore things that you haven't tried before. It also helps if you stay away from her and surround yourself with your friends or start meeting new people.

6. Be her friend again

After giving yourself a break, go back to being their friend. But this time make sure that you are the one who chooses to be in the friendzone. Show him that you have overcome everything that has happened between you and that you can be his friend again.

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