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Dear African Men Try To Be Romantic Husbands For Once And Leave The Side Chicks Along

Dear African men be romantic for ones. Don't let the woman always be the one putting in effort for things to work out in your marriage. Marriage is a combined effort which should be put together by the two partners. A real woman doesn't demand a lot in marriage, all she needs is your time, effort, love, respect and above all attention. Is that too much to ask? Let the side chicks be themselves and build on your marriage.

Don't be a boring partner, is the little things that you do that will make a woman loves you more.

Don't go into marriage and become that husband who can't even compliment his wife even when there's a reason to it.

Don't be that man who feels awkward giving compliments. You will need that skill in marriage. You might see it to be nothing but in real sense it means a lot to a woman.

If you have F9 in that area please work on it, start it with your friends. Be it male or female, your colleagues at your work places. You can be like woow nice hair, l love your tie, you are looking cute and a whole lot. 

Nevertheless, you can also arrive home same time with your wife in the evening, realizing that she's tired, tell her, honey, i can see you are tired, let me cook for us. 

Get into the kitchen, prepare a nice meal, serve her. Prepare some beverages and serve her too, let her relax and after that she can now take over and wash the dishes. This won't take away your rights as a man but rather straighten the love she has for you.

The period of lockdown was the best time for men to prove to their wives how caring they are. Don't be a boring husband, now that side chicks are in school please give your wife the needed attention. 

This alone will show her how romantic and caring you are.

It might sound funny but just try it and thank me later.

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