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Husband and wife relationship

Is this greedy or jealous? Woman shares her story after nine months in marriage.

Something is bothering me. I am a married woman and I got married in January this year. My husband wants to build a house for his mother but he is refusing to do it to my mother. I told him to build for both mothers but he's not happy. He told me that if it's like that then this marriage is not going anywhere.

Before our marriage he was saying that he wasn't ready to get married because he wants to build a house for his mother first. I told him that he can still build even when we are married because I thought he would take long to marry me. He was saving money to build his mother a house because she's renting. I was in support and I am still in support.

The problem is he is not considering that my mother also needs a house just because she is not renting. My sisters are also complaining about his behaviour. I thought he has to build houses for both parents because we are no longer dating. We are married. How is my family going to look at me watching my man buying a plot and build for his mother and put my mother on hold, It's not like I am not in support but building a house for his mother and doing nothing to my mother is what surprises me. He is saying the money he has only caters for one house. Why can't he divide it.

I am thinking maybe I just forced him into this marriage. How can I deal with this situation?

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