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Husband and wife relationship

Wife Assault Husband On Live TV After He Accused Her Of Keeping Urine And Faeces In Their Room

Dealing with marital affairs in the public domain is one heck of a disaster if you ask me. Even if you somehow get a solution for whatever problem there is --- at the end of the day, the whole public will know your business and that's something I don't recommend.

Our married couple who chose to solve their marital woes on live radio and TV embarrassed themselves to the maximum degree after the husband accused his wife of leaving feces and urine in their room for days.

The wife who was not very pleased with the accusation slapped the husband on live radio and TV.

The video has since been going viral on social media. Most social media users who chanced on the video were outraged by the woman's assault on her husband. A few social media users were simply perplexed by the management of the media house's lack of reaction to the assault of the man and argued that if the man assaulted the woman, all hell would have broken loose.

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