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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband Ran Away With The 500,000 Naira I Was Given, I Can't Find Him - Amputee Hawker

I'm sure most of you recognized this lady from the thumbnail, as the lady who trended a few days ago because of her hardworking spirit. Mary Daniel went viral after some photos of her were taken unknowingly and uploaded on the social media.

In the early hours of today, a video was released by a verified news source regarding an interview they had with the Amputee hawker. Mary Daniel told them a bit about her life and how an accident led to the amputation of her leg.

She further recalled how she was given the sum of 500,000 naira (which is over GH¢7000) by a kind man who had compassion on her, but she didn't tell her husband who she was married to. When he later found out, he hurled words at her and withdrew everything from her bank account without her notice.

In her words she said:

"My Husband Ran Away With The 500,000 Naira I Was Given, I Can't Find Him".

Mary also revealed that she had to start selling pure water in order to assist her grandmother and feed her child.

Below is a picture showing her interview:

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