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3 Mistakes Girls Make When Texting Guys

There are times a lot of ladies want to show their love by texting their guys. But they often makes some mistakes without being aware.

Sometimes after a message has been read by a guy from a lady he's dating, he just think deep about it and a lot of issues starts to go in his mind and about the relationship.

What is more disturbing than exchanging numbers with a guy, starts sending messages to each other and then later realizing that the guy is loosing interest because of the messages you sends to him.

Below are some of the text messages that put men off from a relationship.

1. Someone told me she saw you with a girl.....Are you seeing another girl?

Dear madam, please the fact that a guy is dating you doesn't mean he should seize talking, walking, messaging or being a 'FRIEND' to other girls.

Don't forget he lives in a community, has siblings, cousins, friends and classmates of which some are girls. 

When a text message if this gets to guys, most of them gets angry and the joy of the relationship starts going off them.

2. I have called several times but you refused to pick it... why?

One mistake that people mostly do and more especially girls do is the attitude they use in asking questions after their calls have not been received by their significant other.

When you call a guy, it may be that the phone is not with him, may be in a meeting, speaking with his boss etc.

So instead of sending a hash message, kindly call back and ask in a humble manner by saying..I have been calling a couple of times or thrice, were you busy or if possible depending upon the attitude of the guy you may just leave it like that.

His answer will spell every word for you without you asking further questions.

3. You look boring....When will you send me first message?

My dear sister, the fact that a guy has exchange numbers with you does not mean he should be your MTN boss, texting or calling all the time.

If you find him boring, just back off or have a one on one talk with him when you meet, but don't send a warning text or a word that will put him off.

These mistakes are subtle … But they have the potential to kill the attraction that a man feels for you in one nothing time.

It's a sign of mistrust and uncertainty 

Please if you a like like that kindly stop to bring peace in your relationship.

Thanks for reading, please comment, share and kindly follow me for articles of such.

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