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How To Prevent Yourself And Family From The Influence Of Witches And Wizards.

The belief in the supernatural is real especially, in Africa. I don't know whether it is among only the black race that we have witchcraft or wizardry.

Because I've not heard white people suffering under the influences of such malevolent forces. Or perhaps, they use their own witchcraft and wizardry to do good while others only employ theirs in liquidating people.

In Africa, people believe that old people are witches. It's not all old people who are branded witches so let's reframe the sentence; some old people are believed to be witches. Women are the people who suffer such treatments. Do witches exist? Yes! And it's high time you started protecting yourself and family from them.

It seems people in villages are very potent when it comes to charms and witchcraft than the city dwellers. As for the latter, they're too busy struggling to make a living in a populated environment and have no time for such powers.

It is mostly the idle people in the villages who always find ways of pulling others down. These are the things you should do to prevent such malevolent influences on yourself and family.

Always pray. God has a way of protecting His children against witchcraft and wizardry, amulets and charms in general. When you're eating, pray. When you're going to work, pray. When you're with your friends, pray.

Even if you're taking a stroll in the neighbourhood, pray. As for prayers, don't joke with them. Those who are religious are mostly protected than the non religious individuals. Pray for your family against evil.

Don't show off often. People are watching closely at you. Your success or failure is being deliberated upon every day. It is not everyone who will wish you success. This is more so in villages and elsewhere. Some people don't want others to progress in life.

That's why when you come back to your hometown, keep your success to yourself and family. Even some family members are devilish but that doesn't mean you should detach yourself away from your people.

Don't reveal your secrets too often. Your secrets are no more secrets even if you tell them to the most trustworthy of friends. That friend of yours whom you advised not to tell anyone also has a good friend. Eventually, your secret will be in the public domain. Those who will harm you with their evil forces will pick it from there.

Always make sure your children are not giving enough audience to strangers. Children are meek and innocent. They are easily harmed by evil people. If your enemies want to harm you and they're not finding ways and means of doing so, they can easily do it through your children. Warn your children to never accept gifts from strangers. Even if they're put in a situation to accept, they should bring it home for you to see.

Our universe is now full of evil people while good people don't last. You don't know who is targeting you and for what reason. Someone will keep struggling in life with no help at all from family members.

But immediately the person made it in life, there are people who will wish him dead. Be careful in life. Even a family member isn't to be trusted FULLY.

Content created and supplied by: GodwinGakor (via Opera News )



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