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How Would Linda's Children Explain To People That Their Father Was Woman Without Being Stigmatized?

Life is all about making decisions and choices, and you can't argue with other people's choices until you respect them. Linda is a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom who has boldly announced to the world that she has stopped dating males and is now only interested in other women like herself.

On Facebook, the cheerful popular lesbians are called DeeLyn. Linda has considerably proved to the whole world that, she is genuinely pleased in her current relationship despite the nasty remarks others have left on her page.

On the page, the pair has shared several pleasant moments in which they were seen in romantic moods such as kissing, snuggling, and other activities.

There must be children in every partnership, just as there must be children in every relationship. Linda and her lover girl just announced the birth of their twins to the entire world, demonstrating that lesbians can, in fact, become pregnant. They are now the proud parents of two beautiful sons who are identical.

Many people are concerned about their baby's social existence as far as public stigmatization exists among humans. How would their twin babies explain that their father was a woman to others without feeling stigmatized?

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