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"Make Your Flirting Game Work" - 4 Simple Techniques To Totally Flirt Her To Chase You

Making your flirting game work is one of the surest code to unlock the heart of a woman. Flirting comes in different forms and it depnds on how you are able to exhibit yours. Well, I know most guys are feeling very shy to approach a woman and less talking of flirting with her. Taking control of your relationship life is something which is dominant in an Alpha Male. We're on a journey of "Making Women Chase Us" with some spicy tricks to do that. Practice these "4 Simple Techniques Of Flirting With A Woman In The Right Manner".

1. Maintain Constant Eye Contact

Have you ever experienced you taking a quick glance at a beautiful girl in a pub and she immediately gave you a quick wink the moment she saw. That's such a great feeling right? Women are really attracted to guys who are good at taking a quick glance at people and able to maintain it. Maintaining an eye contact is a good feature of an Alpha Male if you want to step up your flirting game with women.

2. Make Good Use Of Your Lips

In the flirting game with women, the eyes, the lips and the hands are the most valuable features when you want to increase your chances with women. Although, you don't need to be neat and perfectly clean to be able to attract the woman of your dreams. Be able to twist lips to any angle when having a good conversation with her or look at her attractiveness.

3. Put Your Hands To Work

Your flirting game wouldn't be able to be completed without you making a good use of your hand. Touch her from behind anytime she down and feels that there is no hope. Don't be shy when doing this. First, touch her shoulder before you can proceed to anything else.

4. Be Mindful Of "Blueticks"

If you are very active on WhatsApp, then I guess you know how it feels when someone looks at your message and never reply. How does that apply to your flirting game. I mean you should be ready for rejection and don't let that slow your down.

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