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Your Woman Needs Intimacy If She Shows These Signs

One of the provisions in life is that we fulfil our obligation to be close to our partner, and people have been fulfilling this requirement since the beginning of time. How can you tell if your girlfriend wants to be close to you if she doesn't open her mouth to tell you?


Women are known to communicate more with body language than men, but the problem is that most men can't say what they mean or want because it can be annoying.

Because some women are afraid of the reaction of their partners when they ask that big question, the most effective way to communicate is body language.

I will look at body language or gestures used by a woman to ask her boyfriend to be close to this article, and as a man, you should know about these few aspects.

1. They are very scared.

Women have peace when they are in a bad situation and cannot express it. At that time, they would not be interested in any activity. If you notice these women behaving like betas, try to understand that you need help.

They want you to touch their bodies.

When they are out of control, they want to be close to you all the time, even if the conversation doesn't seem to be forgiving. This is just another indication that you have a longing for intimacy.

3. They started utilizing their phones as a sign.

This is one of the tricks he uses to lure a person into his trap. When he gets upset and talks, he picks up his phone and pretends to do something important, but he wants you to change the subject or go to him to get the call.

4. They are easily offended.

This does not apply to all women, but some use it for their benefit or to apologize to them and move on.

5. They propose an extraordinary game.

When women wanted to ask for intimacy, they suggested unusual games. They will choose a game that requires them to communicate physically or that allows them to make decisions.

As shown in the picture below, when a girl puts herself in a fun game with you, she clearly shows that she is in a state of intimacy. Exciting play like pillow fights and so on can show how close a girl is.

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