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"Please Forgive Me, I am Very Sorry For Sleeping With Your Wife, I Regret So Much" Man Pleads

David and Mike have been best friends for more than seven years. Mike never thought that one day, his best friend would betray him and ruin their friendship.

When they decided to call it quits on their friendship after almost three years, they did so amicably. Together they worked and cheated on their wives with different ladies, secretly, without their wives' knowledge.

After seeing his friend's wife, David concluded that she was a sweet and beautiful woman who had no business having a husband who cheated on her with other women. As a result, he chose to inform her of the truth of her husband's infidelity.

After a few days, Mike's wife called and requested that he come to her house so that they could go for a stroll together. He was greeted with a cup of tea and some bread when he arrived at the residence.

She went to the bathroom and came out with a towel and held his hand as she made her way to the bedroom. He was shocked.

David acted like a man and had sx with his friend's wife as a matter of course. To end their friendship, Mike found out what had transpired between them and has sworn never to forgive his friend for betraying him.

David begged his friend for forgiveness, but it was abortive. He regrets sleeping with his friend's wife. If you were Mike, how would you handle this situation?

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