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You are not “USELESS”

Sometimes it is in the very things we discard and call useless that are indeed useful. 

For USELESS only explains in its context as a word that something is being used “less” or “under utilized” for the purpose it’s meant; hence “USE-LESS”

Same way when something is USEFUL it commemorates the fact that the thing is being used to its “FULLEST” or “potential”; hence “USE-FULL”

In this one picture; a discarded boot which maybe USELESS to the owner, is even now more USEFUL to these sparrows who made a home from it. 

By this analysis it is therefore an inarguable fact that we all can be useful. For the mere sake of the principle interdependence that defines the possibility for our very existence as mankind; it becomes imperative for us to think of one another as valuable, useful and possibly indispensable of one another.

like it is said by an old soldier retired “Legends never die- they only fade away”

Rest well DMX

“Perception may counterfeit something’s purpose. But nothing or no one is useless for that matter.” 

- Caleo. 

Write up inspired by Bene Mallet

Photo credit : National Geographic

Content created and supplied by: Caleo (via Opera News )



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