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Knowing Your Identity And Destiny In Marriage

To know your identity and destiny in marriage is the best thing anyone who has reached the age of marriage should know.

Many women and men have married and regretted so much not because they didn’t consider who they are before making a choice of a life partner.

Before any guy will propose to a lady about marriage, there are things he considers.

He considers if the lady will match his personal lifestyle, if she is not higher or lower than him in terms of class.

Same way with a lady, she considers the same just as the guy does.

This is what I termed as knowing your identity or your personal self and who to take as a spouse before planning towards marriage.

1.Consider your religious background if you are a religious kind of a person.

2.Know your life goals and aspirations so you can choose a man or woman who fits the position.

That is, let him or her know your five years plans if you have one. So that he or she can consider if he or she is comfortable with those big dreams before the person becomes your spouse.

3.Check well if you or your significant other’s family has any problem with inter tribal or inter continent marriage if your date is from a different tribe. Because most families don't accept that although it shouldn't have been so.

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