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What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

According to some people familiar with body language and cognitive psychology, the position couples take to sleep can say a lot about their relationship. The position adopted can indicate what the situation is for the couple.

1. Sleep back to back while touching each other

When couples sleep in this position, it often indicates that they respect each other's individual space while having a very close relationship. They run their lives independently, but maintain a stable and healthy relationship. According to some experts, this position reflects confidence in the couple.

2. Back to back without touching

If a couple sleep in this position, it may indicate that there is a problem in the relationship. It can express the desire to have more freedom in the relationship. The complete lack of contact between people, who are in opposite directions, can mean that there has been a big argument or that one of the two partners is trying to be completely independent.

3. Face to face contactless

This position can reveal the search for intimacy and the desire to be close to his / her partner. They know how to respect each other's intimate moments, but there is something that prevents them from moving away. However, this type of couple has no trouble dealing with daily routines and problems.

4. Intertwine

This position is indicative of desire and passion. It is very common at the start of a relationship and usually occurs after a moment of intimacy. Intertwining can reveal intense desire, but according to some experts, when the couple gets used to this position, it can express situations of jealousy.

5. When a couple sleep in the spoon position

According to some body language experts, this position tends to guide and protect the partner. It gives a feeling of security to the person embracing. This position reflects a perfect harmony in the couple. Nevertheless, sometimes, it could also reveal the presence of a certain insecurity in the couple.

6. When a couple sleeps soundly in this position

According to some experts, this position reflects the commitment and love of the couple. Usually this indicates that the relationship is going very well and that there is a fulfilling intimate life. Sleeping with their head on their partner's shoulder can mean that the person feels especially secure in the relationship.

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