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Husband and wife relationship

Check out photos of a gay married couple causing a stir on social media

A gay married couple has been causing a lot of stir on social media. It seems people fail to understand how things have changed in this time period. 

Many things have changed. Many countries are now accepting the same marriage, unlike before. Africa condemned the same marriage, but now countries like South Africa and Kenya are now accepting the same marriage.

The good news is that in our country, our government condemned it, and we are sticking to it no matter what. We are not going to give up on this fight. Its unfortunate that these men married themselves, and they happened to come from Africa.

They came from South Africa, and both of them married themselves. Yes, you heard me right. These two men are husband and wife. The two had a wedding and their traditional marriage shared their wedding pictures on social media. Should Ghana legalise the same marriage? As

we all know, many people condemn their marriage while some people congratulate them.

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