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Wedding planning scene

A Man Who Met A Lady On Facebook Are Set To Marry; Their Pre-Wedding Pictures Are Breathtaking

This world is indeed a global village. No matter how big it looks it is very small in some situations. People can now find or get friends from different countries or towns or houses without moving to to these countries, towns or houses.

In recent times some people have found their love ones on social media, especially Facebook. And just this afternoon, a man posted and said that he met his "only Aisha" on Facebook and they are set to get married.

On Facebook this afternoon, this man posted three pictures and captioned it that on the 25th of this month he will get married with Aisha, a lady she met on Facebook.

The Facebook user said that no one will even believe that he met Aisha on Facebook and soon they will get married. He added that,on the 25th of this month they will be getting married and he will reserve a canopy for their Facebook in-laws. He went ahead to thank Facebook for making this possible.

Below is his post on the 'Tell It All' page.

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