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Ladies, for your ears only: Guys who usually wear neatly ironed ‘kaftan’ must not hear this please.

Dating and relationships are very hard and can sometimes be hell, because it is difficult to gauge how the other person feels.

Ladies, if you are wondering if he is real or fake, there are few clear signs you can look out for. The fastest method is the look at the appearances of the guy; and the type of textile materials he puts on.

Experts have sent word of caution to all ladies who are single and searching, to watch out, and be very careful of guys, who normally appear very smart and wearing Kaftan.

Kaftan is a word that describes a long, loose and flowing dress with wide sleeves. In ancient Middle Eastern and African cultures, the kaftan was traditionally worn by men over their other clothing, almost like a coat. The first kaftans were made of silk, cotton, wool or cashmere.

Kaftans were worn by the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Decoration on the garment, including colours, patterns, ribbons, and buttons, indicated the rank of the person who wore it. From the 14th century through the 17th century, textiles with large patterns were used.

In recent times, wearing of kaftans has become fashion, and depicting wealth. Ladies of today sees every guy wearing the kaftan material, as a rich and a gentleman, but as the saying goes…”appearances can be very deceptive, and also…not all that glitters is gold”.

Some relationship experts have revealed, that men who often appear in neatly ironed kaftan are well known for breaking ladies’ hearts; and that, they also come wearing cute slippers and sandals; and holding small wallet, with either iPhone X and above; or Samsung Galaxy X20 and above.

All single ladies who are searching for true love, should take the pains to watch out for those guys, who comes into their lives; in these outward brands like kaftan, with the iron lines well showing, and usually coming in grey or wine in colour.

These types of guys; although they appears very clean and suitable to date or engage in relationship with, usually break ladies hearts; and so expert advised that, “when they appear before you, flee for your life”. 

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