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Please learn how to use these words for one another during Courtship.

Courtship is a period or the process in which couples develop a romantic relationship before getting married.

When there is effective communication it leads to bonding of your spirits, soul and body. It makes your hearts get knitted together and it is not wedding day or in marriage that boding takes place, it starts from courtship.

In the process of courtship, couples must learn to use certain words which helps to strengthen the courtship and also helps to find solution to some problem in terms of marriage.

The first word or the common word that the two partners must use on each is "I LOVE YOU" , that word alone soften ladies heart when it is said to them because Ladies feel special and always love to hear such words from their guys.

"THANK YOU", is to be common between both couples, Ladies must always learn to say thank you when their guy does something for them and also a Guy must say thank you to a their Lady when she does something for them.

Moreover, "I AM VERY SORRY", must be used frequently when one offend another because without feeling sorry for wrong doing to your partner it wont improve maturity in the courtship.

Trust me if you go by this words during your courtship period, you will have the happiest life ever. \

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