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Guys: Your Girlfriend Actually Loves And Wants The Best For You When You Notice These 5 Signs

When a woman is in love, she admires the man of her dreams. A woman in love would go out of her way for her boyfriend. Women behave in certain ways when they are in love. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but there are signs of love that are almost universal. Obviously, if she says, “I love you,” then that should be a good sign too. But, if you either aren’t sure it is genuine or she hasn’t put herself out there yet, these are five signs she’s smitten. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

She helps with your chores. The fact that she does those little extra things around your place that she doesn’t even like to do for herself showcases her desire to create a better life for you, even if it’s only in small and simple ways.Whether conscious or not, most women like to nurture and take care of the men they love and do what they can to make things easier for the man in their life.

She talks about a future with you. Does your girlfriend talk about the future with you a lot? That doesn’t necessarily mean a wedding and kids. It can be things like vacations you two should go on, cities you should move to, or pets you should adopt.

She puts up with your family and friends even when they’re less than gracious. There is nothing worse than dealing with your guy’s mother, especially when she believes that no one is good enough for her baby. The same goes for jealous female friends, rude relatives, or drunken buddies. While you shouldn’t expect your partner to tolerate out-and-out abuse, her ability to grin and bear it with your loved ones comes from her love for you. So tell them to back off, and be grateful she loves you so much.

She cares about the things you care about. If you want to know if your girlfriend loves you, pay attention to how she treats things that are important to you. If your work dinner takes precedence over her night out, that says “I love you” more than you know.

You are the first person she calls with news. If you are her emergency contact, the person she tells her good and bad news first, and the person she relies on for support, that means she loves and trusts you. A heavy burden, yes, but it also means you get all the good gossip first which is a fair trade.

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