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Man, Do you want to be noticed by women? Practical steps to attract women.

Are you a fine gentleman, but have been single for centuries? Do you have the nicest clothes, trending shoes, nice accessories and swag but still fail to be noticed by women? Do you only meet gold diggers who are just after your money? Have you been wondering why you don't meet the right women or do you meet no women at all?

Have you always asked yourself why you are having a tough time with women?

This Article seeks to enlighten the average guy to be on top of his game and stop being cheated on or looked down upon.

1. STAY CLASSY Always BY DRESSING NICELY - staying classy is the top step in getting noticed by the female gender wherever you find yourself. Remember the first thing people notice about you Being classy isn't about buying lots of clothes and shoes you don't know how to match. Manage the few clothes and shoes you have well by keeping them tidy, nice smelling and devoid of wrinkles. Also, you must dress well for whatever occasion, you don't have to wear a suit to the beach and you must not wear tracksuit with "chalewote" (flip flops).

2. NO FIDGETING- As a real gentleman, you aren't supposed to fidget around women. Touching your face, picking your nose and playing games in public really puts women off. Just be nice, stay calm and always wear a bright smile.


Also, don't talk too much about yourself, never disclose details about your bank account, your house and your personal possessions etc.

NB.. Also remember to keep your nails and hair short. And always stay neat and keep yourself tidy.

Thank you and keep sharing my articles.

Content created and supplied by: DaniellaDawuroGh (via Opera News )


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