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Husband and wife relationship

My Hubby Faints every time During Intercourse Due To Extreme Pain In His Private Parts- Lady Cries

Margret, a woman who left her first marriage with her two kids and remarried, cries out for a medical solution to help solve her husband's inability to perform in bed. Margret said her husband feints every time they meet together as husband and wife. 

Margret said her husband never told him about his inability to perform in bed before she married him. She said she only came to notice it on their first meeting together as husband and wife, when her husband passed out during the act.

 In her second marriage, her husband fainted during intercourse due to extreme pain in his private parts. The doctor advised them to make love as often as possible to help the husband recover. Due to this, she has a one-year-old kid in the new marriage and is now seven months pregnant.

 The worst part is that her marriage is now headed into headwinds as her husband keeps fainting every time due to extreme pain in his private parts and can't satisfy her. Margret said she's not happy with her husband since he keeps fainting and can't perform. She's considering living with him. What do you think the husband can do to stop fainting and start performing in bed?

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