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You're Single and you're laughing? Whats funny?

As a matter of fact, there is absolutely nothing funny about being single in this life. I chanced upon a meme on Facebook recently and I have decided to share with you. Surprisingly, many girls claim they're single, but go around town and see, almost every girl is calling someone or someone is calling them . The question now is who exactly are they on phone with? I'm shocked if not surprised at this trend. This makes me believe that every girl has a boyfriend... but every man don't have a girlfriend. I have some rhetorical questions to ask tho. I asked one already in the above statements. The other question is , if you have money, every girl is single. But if you're broke, every girl is in a relationship. Why? Somewhere last year during the Ghana card registration, I realized majority of both males and females ages between 18-30 are single. But I kind of agree with this somehow, because many people may in a relationship, but the unemployment and economic hardships will compel you not to marry because you have money. This is sad, and it is not funny.

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