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Non-sexual Forms Of Intimacy You Need To Introduce Into Your Relationship

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There are several ways to keep your relationship going beyond getting intimate with your partner. Here are some of these non- sexual activities you can engage your partner in. 

Genuine compliments and words of affirmation and giving small gifts. This can give your partner confidence that you really care about them. Another thing is sharing inside jokes and laughing with your partner after a hard day’s work or during the weekend.

Talking with them about a favorite book or podcast is also a smooth move to do things both of you are genuinely interested in.

Again, holding hands, sharing dreams and lap naps screams cuddles and warm touches and everyone needs some pampering once in a while. To top it, you both can do a happy dancing together in the living room.

Genuinely liking and watching the same TV shows can also spark some new emotions and love in your relationship.

Being together and not having or needing to say anything is just the perfect way to enjoy the silence and peace of each other’s presence. A big long hug can also do the magic. Happy loving!




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