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3 Things You Should Avoid Before Having Intercourse With Your Partner

Hi there. Good day lovely reader. Welcome back. This is not meant to speak against or advertise anything of the sort but to update you.

As an individual, you need not to do what everyone does. We all have different morphological make ups and we are all different in our own small ways. All the time, new people come up with new ideas and things that you have to do or things that you do not have to try with your partner. Some of these things may cause problems to you and your partner since they may be things that the person dislikes, has allergies to or even does not want to even hear about. But as a couple, in all things, you have to tolerate one another.

There are some habits that people have to desist from. Mostly, people may wish to go long journeys during times that they meet with their partners. These thoughts ma even make these people do things that are not the best. They may end up resorting to things or items that will in a long run harm them.

Below are some things that you have to stay away from before intercourse with your partner;

1 . Shave Or Wax Right Before Intercourse

People normally think that clearing all the hair around genitals right before intercourse is the best. Well it is not the worst thing either. The problem is that mostly because of the hesitation, you may end up cutting yourself. This may leave you susceptible to acquiring STIs.

2 . Drink Too Much Alcohol Before Intercourse

Many people hope for a wild night in bed. People have the notion that taking in a lot of alcohol will always help to boost your drive. Drinking too much alcohol can also impede your desire and your performance. Taking in of excessive alcohol right before intercourse can diminish a woman's libido, make orgasm more difficult to attain and can cause a reduction in lubrication of the female genitals. For men, it can make it challenging to keep an erection and can impede ejaculation.

3 . Eating Too Much Spicy Food Or An Overly Heavy Meal

When you want things to get heated in the bedroom then you have to try your best and make sure they' are not very spicy like the things you eat at the dinner table. A heartburn is a very unpleasant issue. More pepper and hot ingredients can make intercourse unpleasant. Eating too much that sits like lead in the belly is not going to motivate your intercourse.

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