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5 major things that help strengthen the bond in our relationship

Sometimes, we lose sight of what is really important because we think loving someone is the sole reason to be in a relationship, but it's not. Here are the values I think are more important than love for a relationship to work.


Trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship. If you don't trust the person you are with, then it is probably not a healthy, stable relationship and you most likely feel insecure about it. Trust grows stronger over time and can definitely be built — a lack of trust early on in the relationship just means there is work to do.


Being truthful and honest is major when it comes to relationships. A relationship built on false hope and white lies will only crumble in the end, no matter how much you love the other person. Being honest leads to good communication, which can strengthen many aspects of a relationship.


This one is up there with trust. If you don't have the loyalty to stay faithful to your partner and the relationship then why are you in a relationship at all? Loyalty acts as a building block in relationships for other values such as those on this list. You have to actually want to be in a relationship and commit to it in order for it to work.


love can be blinding, especially when it comes to self-worth. No amount of love is worth giving up who you are and the respect you deserve. Love is not a justification for disrespect or abuse. Partners must be respectful of each other and who they are for a healthy relationship to grow.


Okay to be fair, you can't be happy all the time, but it is what everyone wants and deserves regardless. Relationships aren't always sunshine and rainbows, but the happy times should far outweigh the unhappy ones. Being happy is really important in a relationship and if you are not happy then it is time to move on.

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