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Husband and wife relationship

A Mother Reveals What Her Husband Did After He Got Married To A Second Wife

Aisha Yissuf, a mother of 6 shares what her husband did after he got married to a second wife. According to the mother, she has been married to her husband for so many years and they are blessed with 6 children who are all boys. The woman said when she gave her third son, the man got married to a second wife and rent a room at Breman for her. She struggled before catering for the her sons without the husband's help.

The man later came to apologize with her and again impregnated her, the mother of six revealed that her husband bought a land at Kodie and built two rooms on it but he gave her only one room to stay with their children. She then advised him to allow the children to sleep in other room, her husband didn't listen to her but rather brought his new wife to stay in the other room.

Aisha added that she started searching for work to do to support her children since her husband no longer care about them, the man warned her not to do any work but stay home and take care of the children. Aisha said due to the hardship she was going through she went to a galamsey site to work without her husband's knowledge but she was not able to do it. When she came back home, the man got angry and decided to divorce her because she didn't listen to his advice.

Their family members met to settle the marital issues but he insisted that he will not stay with her again. They got divorced but she continued to stay in his house because she has no money to rent another room. One day the man set fire in front of her room and put a fresh egg he has written a name on it.

She became afraid when she found her name on the egg which was in the fire. The mother said she thought the man has plan to harm her. The following day too her son saw their father putting a juju object at their backyard. Aisha said she doesn't know her husband's intentions but she is terrified that he may cause harm to her if she continue to stay at that house.

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