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Divorce Affair

Causes of Divorce in the 21st Century - Marriage

Divorce is something that God abhors and it is never the will of God that marriages will break up. We are made aware of some of the incidents that cause marriage to end in divorce, but of these causes, adultery is the main cause of divorce, even that, the Lord Jesus continued to say that if the man still loves the wife they can continue to stay married. I don't think we marry with the mind of divorcing the next day, a week, a year or so. Many people marry with the mind of "till death do us a part" or till death separate us, so why then the sudden divorce? This is what this piece seeks to bring to light.

Marriage is simply about understanding each other and an agreement to be together. The bible says in Amos 3:3, Can two walk together, except they be agreed? This tells us that it is impossible for a man and a woman to stay together as husband and wife if there is not a perpetual agreement between the two. For marriage to work to the end, the two need to agree on every decision they take. This means at every point in time one must act as a servant since two masters or captains can never be in the same boat or control a ship together. A ship needs to be controlled by one master and not two masters if not there will be confusing. Marriage is like a ship that needs one master /captain every time. Though the man is the head of the family, it doesn't mean he always has to be the captain. Look, marriage is dynamic.

What has changed over the years and what is/are the causes?

Marriage is good because it is something I believed God has arranged to overcome the sin of fornication and lust and most purposely for procreation. Many of us don't understand why there's pleasure in marriage when it comes to the sex aspect of it. I believe is to create a stronger bond between the two and not just for pleasure as most of us see it. Imagine sex without the pleasure that comes with it, how do you think it would have been like? Like by now the human race is wiped out and not only that, think of the animals as well. It is only plants that do not need that intimacy.

Some years ago, our parents used to marry for us and it is not the same today. Now things have changed. Though wives were picked for most of those males in then times, there were other males who did not wait for their parents to get them wives, they did as is done today and it was realized that those marriages did not last. An example is Jacob and Essau where Jacob was asked by his parents to go to his uncle, stay there and marry there, but for Essau it wasn't so and his marriage did not please his parents. You can see that the parents directed Jacob where to pick a wife, but for Essau he will not listen. In our time today, our parents can do the same for us and I believe that the woman you will pick as a wife, since both families knew themselves already, there's the probability that the marriage will stand. That's my believe but I don't know about yours.

At this juncture, I would like to welcome your views on what you have read. Don't forget to follow for more.

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