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Dating Romantic

"My experience after I went looking for romance 0n a dating site" - Young man speaks

Knowing that dating sites are medium for communication between two people mostly those who are not cut out for normal norm of meeting opposite sex made me went looking for romance on badoo. Initially, it took me about few weeks of serious search but finally I found a new babe.

At first, things was going on fine for the both of us knowing that we just met online without any physical contact yet. As time goes on this new babe I met was requesting for money and gifts but refused to come see me one on one, finally after much conversations and observations I realised I had found a runz girl. After knowing she was a runz girl I decided added her to my BBM, and she started disturbing me to send her 7k before anything.

Finally, I asked for her account number, but didn't send anything to her, and I lied by telling her i did. She immediately got rude asking for screen shots, and the next thing that happened was that she blocked and deleted me, so this has left me thinking it was probably a guy trying to scam me. But some friends told me that how this thing works. 

Now, my question is, Is she not supposed to turn up first before asking for money?

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