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Why Most Women Fear Asking Men These Questions

Women are afraid of asking men these questions because they believe it will make him angry. These are actually the most important questions you need to ask yourself so that you can get what you want from a relationship.

1. When are you getting married

Every woman wants to feel secure that she is with the right guy, even since day 1. She wants to be sure that she is not wasting her time with someone who is against marriage and who isn’t willing to commit for a lifetime, right?

2. How many women have you slept with?

Every girl finds interest in this question if she is not the one being asked, of course. Don’t believe a man when he tells you he doesn’t know the answer to this question he knows We do believe though, that whatever the answer is, it is actually irrelevant and doesn’t really mean anything.

3. Do you think I’m fat?

Another question to which men would rarely answer honestly. Since women pay so much attention to how they look, they always feel the need to know their partner’s opinion on their physical appearance, and if possible, their positive approval.

4. What can cause a man to suddenly lose interest in a woman? This is a question most women have but will never ask a man.

5. Do men love make-up for women? Do men discuss about ladies with other men in their groups? What is that thing about women that men easily notice?

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