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You Look Older: People Will Think You’re My Mother: Sammy KNUST Rejects Ruth Of Date Rush

Image (Sammy and Ruth)

Samuel Aboagye, the final year student of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) who got heartbroken by Nana Ama has told Ruth of Date Rush that she looks older.

According to him, people will think Rut is his mother when they are both hanging out together. He then rejected Ruth and walked out of the show.  

Sammy, as he is affectionately called appeared on the Date Rush Show to look for a partner but he described the only lady who left her rush on for him as an old woman.

Many months after Nana Ama broke his heart, Sammy was on the program to find another lady to spend the rest of his life with. According to Sammy, he has now moved on from Nana Ama and wanted another person.

“If I see Nana Ama again here, I can collapse. My previous relationship ended in tears because I had friends telling her things. I did something behind her and she left me. That day was very tearful for me. But I have decided to move on because I must give another person the chance in my life. I have learned my lessons and wish to have a beautiful future with the person I meet here.

According to Sammy, he is not worried about the several backlashes that were thrown at him when Nana Ama broke his heart.

“Those are the mindset of people. I understand myself so if you guys don’t understand me I’m okay. Women will show you but in life, we can only pray for the best. So I want to escape blackout. I can’t cry too much on stage but if it becomes too much, I cannot control myself. We are in the modern world where you have to start something as a young guy. So if I should find someone now, we can build the future together and we will all find money”. He indicated.

However, after all the profile videos were played Sammy was left with only Ruth but he was not interested. According to him, the appearance of Ruth is like an older person and it will not be advisable to choose her.

“I’m 23 but I cannot be with you. You look older People might think you are my mother if I’m walking with you in town. That is the truth I can be your friend but nothing else. I’m being honest, I cannot play with anyone’s heart here”. Sammy told Ruth. He walked out of the show with tears after all the ten ladies rejected him.

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