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Reasons Men Stop Having Sex

Despite the fact that we have been taught that men always desire intimacy, many men eventually decide against having intimacy with their spouses or girlfriends. There are variety of reasons that causes that. In this article, we'll be looking at 13 reasons why men stop having sex.

1. His lover has gained quite a bit of weight.

When he once gasped, "I can't get enough of you," he didn't mean to say, "There's more of me to love." Ironically, a man gaining weight had nothing to do with this turnoff. But if his partner gained weight, he stopped finding her attractive. However, his libido did suffer from his own fat.

2. He likes to watch porn on the internet.

He would rather connect with the Internet because to the diversity, lack of performance pressure, lack of emotion, lack of sensuality, lack of conversation, and lack of criticism. His fantasy life is taking the place of his actual intimate life, which is a serious risk.

3. His partner doesn't seem to enjoy intimacy or doesn't seem to have a sense of intimate adventure.

As a result, he has become tired of having intimacy and the lack of novelty. Funny enough, though, these men choose to ignore the reality that they lack originality in the bedroom themselves. Instead, they are choosing to place the blame for their lack of intimacy excitement and adventure on their spouse.

4. He is not interested in having intimacy with his wife.

Men expressed that they were or would like to be intimacy creatures. The majority masturbated, which is frequently a sign that someone does not necessarily have an intimacy issue. What then is the issue? Frequently, comfort promotes complacency, which leads to boredom.

5. He is irritated at her.

These guys perceived their partners as being critical, controlling, underappreciative, and/or unimportant. They stopped responding as she turned into a "bully," as a result. This cycle continued: She is judgmental. He emotionally withdraws. She increases her criticism. He furthers his withdrawal. Regardless, nobody is displaying any form of love in this fight of the roses.

6. His marriage-related doubts

7. Dependency on drugs or alcohol.

8. Physical disease or medical problem.

9. Sex abuse in the past.

10. Refusing to have intimacy as a punishment.

11. Depression, either his or hers.

12. Drugs that impair his libido.

13. Intimacy inhibition or hypoactive intimacy disorder.

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