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Here's the 31 years old man who got married to this woman who is 112 years of age

Most women think guys are supposed to provide them with everything. It's an error for a lady to think a man is responsible for her needs, so she goes into a relationship to demand such from him. The man is not responsible for your feeding fee just because he is dating you. Don't tax him for your airtime, data, etc. Don't force him to get you a new phone, TV, refrigerator etc. He is not a merchant nut lover. A boyfriend is not a supermarket. 

Be a real woman, she dates when she is ready for marriage, she knows how to provide for herself, handle her business and more importantly she dates a man she wants not the man she needs. This is exactly what this old lady has done and it has surprised many around the globe. Madam Elly, a British who is 112 years old has consented to marry a thirty one years old Yemeni in a grand ceremony.

In most traditional settings, it is extremely rare to see such weddings taking place considering the fact that the lady involved is old enough to be your grandmother. But as the saying goes "Love is blind and age is just a number" these two partners are bent on staying together.

Not considering her physical appearance and wrinkled body, this vibrant young man is still interested in settling down with her. He is not looking for the beautiful ones, the nice ones or the cheap ones but the one that is his size. Despite her wealth, Ahmed has posited that he is not interested in her billions of dollars, that he only loves her. She is the one that aligns with his values and belief, the one he met at his life's journey. 

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