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3 Ways To Hold Your Dignity As A Single Woman

Women are people with a difference due to the way and manner we were formed and created by God. God spent a whole lot of time in the creation of a woman. He has to cause the man to sleep for him to take one rib from him in order to form a person he calls a woman. 

And to make it more special he made the figure of a woman highly special with a whole lot of curves. 

And due to the way he created us, it has also given us a source of honor from our boys and men. And whom much is given, much is expected of him or her. That is why as a single woman, a lot of  people have much respect for you and see you as a unique person.

Unique in a way that although you don’t have a better half but you are able to put all your things together in a very special way. And for you to maintain that position in the mind of people you must know ways by which you will be able maintain that dignity and honor.

In this article I am addressing three ways by which every single woman will hold her dignity.

1. Dress modesty

By your dressing, you will be addressed is well accepted quote in the mind of people.  Therefore as a single lady who wants to hold your dignity, let your dressing do the talking for you. 

Dress modesty simply means to dress in trending styles which does not reveal too much of your body contours.  A kind of dressing which meets your spiritual and stylistic requirements for your personal preference or reasons of religion.

2 . Work hard to take care of yourself

To maintain and hold your dignity as a single person, work hard and take care of your own self without relying on any man for survival. 

When you do that every guy gives you ultimate respect and honor. They also see you as a wife material because your survival does not come from the pocket of any man.

And also they believe once you have been able to take good care of yourself without a man, you will also become a helper for him and support his visions.

3. Speak softly

As a single woman who wants to hold your dignity, let soft ways of speaking be part of you. Because society mostly judges us by what comes out of our mouth.

A soft speaking woman receives a whole lot of compliments and respects from people she comes across.

If any single woman is seen with these three characters, she receives compliments from all kinds of people she comes in contact with.

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